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  • Scientific Learning Corporation controls
  • In the standard Firefox browser, Reading Assistant is not possible.
  • Keep in mind that you need to use Firefox ESR or upgrade for Reading Assistant Plus

Remember that an email and password are required to login. The Internet needs to be accessed to log in purpose and the service is made for staff employees only. It is also possible for the students who wish to log in, they need to click on the student login tab by providing their school or district and should put the first few letters of the school or district name which can be selected from the provided list. Students who are facing issues while accessing the service should interact with their teacher regarding this.

A few essential notes on

  • It is made for both teachers and students and this is also very easy to use,
  • Regarding any queries about this service can be directed to the Scientific Learning Customer Support,
  • Please make a note that Reading Assistant doesn’t support 64-bit browsers, so keep away from downloading the Windows 64-bit installer for Firefox ESR,
  • Persons who have not received an email titled “Your MySciLEARN Account Password” within 10 minutes, they should check their spam inbox or make the request again,
  • People who forget their sciLEARN password will have to provide their login email for beginning the process recovery,
  • Users who are not aware about their login email will have to contact their district or school manager for acquiring the email address included in their the sciLEARN account,

Please note that students who want to use the Firefox with Reading Assistant, they will have to switch to the Firefox Extended Support Release browser on Windows or Macintosh workstations.