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How to Apply for A Job at Cumberland Farms

Established in 1938 as a one-cow dairy ranch, Cumberland Farms, Inc. developed to turn into a billion-dollar-a-year partnership. In the mid-1990s it positioned third among the country's accommodation store chains and was additionally an innovator in both the retail and discount conveyance of oil-based goods. A firmly held privately owned business since its beginning, it was still completely possessed during the 1990s by individuals from the establishing Haseotes family.

Vasilios and Aphrodite Haseotes were Greek settlers who purchased a Cumberland, Rhode Island, a ranch in 1938, supposedly for $84. In the long run, the organization they framed developed to turn into the biggest dairy ranch activity in Massachusetts, with crowds of in excess of 3,000 bovines, yearlings, and calves. In 1956 the organization opened a container milk store in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Cumberland Farms Job Opportunities

Beginning as a genuine ranch, Cumberland Farms opened the principal store of the chain in 1962. The grandson of the first proprietors by and by capacities as CEO of the organization. Family-arranged qualities, for example, respectability, eagerness, and enthusiasm for benevolent assistance stay critical to the regular activity of the comfort store chain.

Similar people with an enthusiasm for a cross-segment of the nourishment administration and retail enterprises fill in as ideal possibility for in-store passage level positions. The blend accommodation store and service station focuses on self-awareness of representatives as much as development of the organization, and chances to get administrative preparing regularly emerge.

Albeit any intrigued people stay welcome to apply, potential recruits having past involvement with nourishment administration or retail may pick up inclination during the employing procedure. Cumberland Farms stores stock an assortment of espresso items, dairy, solidified drinks, essential staple goods, and nibble nourishments.

Cumberland Farms Positions and Salary Information

  • Client care Associate

Often thought about the essence of the organization, client support partners see to client needs. Welcome clients, responding to any inquiries or concerns, and keeping up the neatness of the store remain as fantastic approaches to give striking client care and decidedly influence the impression the store leaves with every client. Extra obligations may incorporate performing normal cleaning obligations like wiping or washing windows, turning and planning nourishment, renewing stock varying, and effectively running the sales register.

  • Administrator In

Training A short-lived position, the director in-preparing job stays a fundamental part of the advance from-inside mindset of Cumberland Farms. A hands-on learning opportunity, the director in-preparing position completes ordinary duties and helps the chief on the job. Contingent upon the measure of past administration experience, an individual may go about as supervisor in-preparing somewhere in the range of three to 24 weeks. The position accumulates a time-based compensation of about $12.00.

Advantages of Working at Cumberland Farms

Indeed, even as a little and family-claimed enterprise, Cumberland Farms offers both full-time vocation experts and low maintenance, section level representatives liberal work advantage bundles. Workers stand equipped for medical coverage which covers both dental and vision. Paid get-aways, representative limits, 401(k) plans, and laborer's remuneration additionally stay accessible. Full-time representatives stand qualified for life coverage, days off, and loss leave, also. Also, service station partners may appreciate free refreshments during shifts.

More Information on Cumberland Farms

Consistently the organization offers $1,000.00 grants for up to 130 graduating secondary school seniors. The honor, known as Believe and Achieve Scholarship, grants youthful people dependent on budgetary needs and prevalent scholastic execution. To fit the bill for the grant, people must stand planned to get a secondary school recognition or GED authentication, stay younger than 25.

How to apply for Cumberland farms

To apply go to,

Here, scroll down to the middle provide the details,

  • City, zip code and state
  • The radius you want

Also, you can sort by the job title and distance

How to enroll with Cumberland smartpay

To enroll go to,

Here, at the upper left corner tap on, ‘Home’.

Here, scroll to the end, tap on, ‘Join now’.

Here scroll down again and at the middle right check on, ‘Enroll with smartpay’. Here, tap on, ‘I want to enroll’. Here provide details,

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • Apt/Unit Number
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Method of Funding:
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Reenter Email Address
  • Driver License Number
  • Birthdate
  • The last 4 digits of your SSN or SIN that you possess
  • Then, check on, ‘Next’.

If you have the card type the same.

How to verify Cumberland smartpay account

For this visit,

Here, at the upper left corner tap on, ‘Home’.

Here, scroll to the end, tap on, ‘Join now’.

Here scroll down again and at the middle right check on, ‘Verify my account’ Here type the details,

  • Email address:
  • PIN number:
  • Amount of deposit:
  • Amount of withdrawal:
  • Then, check on, ‘Verify’.

How to log in with Cumberland smartpay account

To login visit,

Here, at the upper left corner tap on, ‘Home’.

Here, scroll to the end, tap on, ‘Join now’.

Here scroll down again and at the middle right check on, ‘Manage account’.

In this place at the mid, type the details,

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Then, check on the displayed button, ‘Sign in’.

Password help

To get password help go to,

Here, in the login change, tap on, ‘Forgot password?’. You need to give details,

  • Email Address:
  • Driver License Number:
  • State Issued:
  • Then, check on the displayed button, ‘Submit’.

How to find a Cumberland store

To find the store visit,

Here, at the upper left corner tap on, ‘Home’.

Here, scroll to the end, tap on, ‘Find us.

In this change of page at the middle left,

  • Your location
  • Then, tap on, the search image.

You can filter by feature.

Customer help

Looking for help call on, 978-526-1960. Also, write to, 100 Crossing Boulevard, Framingham, MA 01702. You can check these pages,