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Minute Clinic Online Bill Pay

You can pay your Minute Clinic Bills Online at the website of Minute Clinic. The Minute Clinic is an online portal developed by CVS Healthcare. CVS is an online drug store, pharmacy and health information portal. It is run and managed by the American retail and health care company CVS Health. The company is based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

If you have purchased health care products, medicines or any other service at the CVS you need to pay your bills. The Minute Clinic is an online bill pay portal serviced by CVS. It is a user-friendly bill payment platform which enables CVS patients pay bills more easily and securely. Read the guide here for steps to pay Minute Clinic bills online.

What is the Minute Clinic Online Bill Pay?

If you are a returning user at returning user then you must be aware of the Minute Clinic Online Bill Payment platform. If not we are here to offer an overview of the Minute Clinic. In simple terms Minute Clinic is a subsidiary of the CVS healthcare. Through the Minute Clinic payment portal one can pay bills for the services and products purchased at CVS.

What do I need to pay Bills Online?

For making an online payment one needs to have a few things handy. Read on to know more:

Minute Clinic Account- For making an online payment one needs to have an online account at Minute Clinic.

Web Connection- Ensure that you have an active web connection to make a payment.

Private Device- It is recommended that you have a private device so that you can save passwords and browse securely.

How to Pay Minute Clinic Bills Online

  • In order to make a payment online open the website of Minute Clinic. www.cvs.com/minuteclinic
  • Click on the ‘Pay Bill’ button which is just next to the ‘Insurance and Pricing’ button at the top of the webpage.
  • Next you will find the ‘Sign In’ section.

  • Enter the email address and click ‘Continue’. Next enter password and you can access account.
  • Now you can make payment by filling out the payment form and entering a mode to pay.

Pay through Phone

In order to make a payment via phone one needs to call on 1-866-389-2727.

Provide them the required account information and you can pay successfully.

Pay in Person

The individual can make a payment in person by visiting a CVS location. You can use the store locator of CVS to find a store near you.

In order to locate a store use this URL - www.cvs.com/store-locator


Well, we hope we have provided enough information on the Minute Clinic Online Bill Pay. The bill payment procedure is simple, yet if you have issues signing in you can have a nice time referring to the guide above.