www.managewell.com - Wellvation Manage Well Member Login

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www.managewell.com - Wellvation Manage Well Member Login

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Wellvation employee wellness management provides their members with a safe and secure web portal to log in and receive the benefits of Wellvation Manage Well program. This is an easy to use online platform that the employee can use to access their Manage Well account by logging in with the required credentials.

To login the Wellvation Manage Well Member Account

The employees, who have already a registered account in Wellvation Manage Well, can follow the steps below to log in to their account.

  • Visit the Manage Well login page at https://managewell.com
  • Enter the email address and account password with which you have created your account
  • Click login to enter your account

If you want to accelerate the login process, you can check the box ‘Remember my email address’ which make the login process quicker for future use.

Forgot password

The account members, who have forgotten the password and cannot be able to log in or access their Manage Well account, can retrieve it by the following process.

  • Go to the above-mentioned login page
  • Find the ‘Forgot your password’ link below the ‘login’ button. Click on it,
  • Enter the email address and with which you have registered your account
  • Click the ‘Request Reset’ button.
  • You will be sent an email with a link through that you can reset your password.

To Register or Sign Up Wellvation Manage Well Account

The members, who are new or using the account for the first time, need to create a Manage Well account by signing up.

  • Visit https://managewell.com
  • Click the “Sign Up” link provided at the bottom portion of Wellvation Manage Well Member Login tab.
  • Enter your unique ID which is provided by your employer. (Generally, the employee ID consists of a number preceded by a few letters of your employer’s name).
  • Select your birth date from the drop-down box. (You must be at least 18 years of age to create the account)

  • Click ‘Continue’ and complete the process.

Wellvation Manage Well Program Features

  • Wellvation Manage Well program encourages the participants leading a healthy life in a fun and unique manner and enables them to be successful to do that.
  • The platform offers the members an entire suite of programs, activities, challenges, and events that are highly customizable to the work environment.
  • Enables employers to focus on the most prevalent health risks facing their worksite
  • The Worksite toolkit provides the employee with everything they need to achieve their health goals; it may be losing weight, moving more or eat healthier.

Contact Details

If you have faced any problem to create, login or access your Manage Well account or have some queries, you can reach Wellvation by phone or mail

Mailing Address:

15600 36th Avenue North,

Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55446

Phone: 877-750-0984