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The class action lawsuit claims that defective Pella ProLine brand aluminum-clad wood casement, awning and transom and windows, manufactured between 1991and 2009, leaked and have caused water intrusion resulting in wood rot.

In 2009, the plaintiffs- Kent Eubank, Jerry Davis Ricky Falaschetti, and others- filed a class action lawsuit against Pella Corporation. But Pella denied all the allegations against them stating that there can be many other factors in that wood rot and the rot cannot inevitably evidence that the windows were defective.

The Pella ProLine Casement Window class action lawsuit entitled Eubank, et al. v. Pella Corporation et al. Case No. 06 C4481. It is under review in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District, Illinois, Eastern division.

Pella Window Defect Class Action Settlement

Though the defendants have denied any kind of wrongdoings and any defects in the Pella ProLine Casement Windows, they agreed to $26 million settlement to avoid further litigation and trial. The Plaintiffs and their lawyers also think that this proposed settlement is best for all the class members.

How to know you are one of the Settlement Member

The court decided all the persons in US, who are current and former owner of a home or other structure containing Pella ProLine brand aluminum clad wood casement, awning and transom and windows (including 250 and 450 series) manufactured by Pella Corporation between 1991and 2009, are part of the Settlement and eligible for the benefits under this Settlement.

If you are still not sure about your inclusion you can write or call in the address provided at the bottom of the page.

www.PellaWindowSettlement.com Important Notes

  • To receive benefits of the Pella ProLine Casement Window Settlement, you need to be an ‘eligible claimant’ or ‘eligible extended period claimant’ who have suffered ‘eligible damage’ and satisfy some certain requirements.
  • The claimants have to submit a claim form along with supporting documents (e.g. the type of window or other Pella products, product stamp ID/unit level ID, the date of finding the damages, if the damage is repaired and the date and type of repair etc.)
  • All class members, who timely submit a complete and valid claim form, will be represented by Robert A. Clifford from the Clifford Law Offices.
  • The Pella Corporation has hired John P. Mandler.
  • The exact amount of money, a claimant will receive, cannot be determined at this time.
  • A public hearing will take place on or around September 14, 2018, to determine whether the Settlement class is properly certified and the settlement is fair and adequate and should be approved.

To exclude yourself from the Settlement

If you want to get out of the settlement, you have to send a request to the Settlement Administrator. In the letter, you need to mention all the required details of Pella ProLine Casement Window Settlement.

Contact Details

Any queries relating to the Settlement you can contact in the address listed below

Eubank v. Pella Corporation Settlement Administrator

P.O. Box 404041

Louisville, KY 40233-4041

Email- info@pellawindowssettlement.com

Or, you can call at 1-866-658-6764 (toll-free)

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