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The class action lawsuit claims that RMG made automated promotional calls to landlines and cell phones offering the goods and services of Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian and violated theTCPA. The lawsuit also alleged Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian to authorize RMG for making those calls on their behalf. But the defendants deny all the allegations against them.

All the details of The Charvat v. Carnival et al class action lawsuit are listed as the case number 1:12-cv-5746. And www.rmgtcpasettlement.com is now under the review of the United States District Court.

RMG TCPA Settlement

To resolve this matter both the Plaintiff and the Defendants have agreed to make a Settlement Fund of minimum $7000000 and up to $12500000. The Settlement is approved by the court.

The Settlement provides cash payments to the class members who file valid Claim Forms. But before making payments to the members the fund will be used for paying fees and expenses of Class Counsel’s attorneys, incentives of the class representatives and other costs.

Important Notes about RMG TCPA Settlement

  • A final approval hearing of the settlement will take place on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 11 am to decide if the settlement is fair to the claimants.
  • To receive the cash payment, you must submit a claim form online or by mail.
  • The maximum value of each RMG telemarketing call that was received is $300. And a claim for up to 3 calls per telephone number can be filed.

To know you are included in the Settlement

If you were the owner, subscriber or user of a telephone that received the calls, between July 2009 and March 2014, that offered you a free cruise with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian cruise lines, and your phone number is in the records of RMG, you are the part of the Settlement.

If you are still not sure about your inclusion you can submit a claim online or in their mail address mentioned at the bottom of the page.

To exclude yourself from the Settlement

If you want to get out of the settlement, you have to mail a request letter to the Settlement Administrator. In the letter, you need to mention:

  • Your full name
  • Your current mail address
  • Your current telephone number
  • The telephone number in which you received the pre-recorded telemarketing call from RMG
  • The last four digit of your Social Security Number
  • A statement under penalty of perjury that you believe you are a member of the Settlement class and the number you have listed as having received a call or calls is the one on which you received the calls.
  • A statement indicating you want to be excluded from the Settlement class in Charvat v. Resort Marketing Group, Inc., et al., Case number 1:12-cv-05846
  • The date and your signature

Your letter of exclusion or inclusion must be mailed to this address:

RMG TCP Settlement Administrator

P.O. Box 404022

Louisville, KY 40233-4022

Besides, you can contact for further queries the above address or call (855) 636-6134