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Spire Energy Online Bill Pay

Spire Energy Online Bill Payment platform has been developed by the Natural gas distribution company for its customers. Spire Energy of Spire Inc. is a public utility company which is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It offers natural gas services to the individuals in Missouri. The company was formerly known as the Laclede Gas Light Company since its advent in the year 1857.

Online bill pay portal can be accessed by the customers of the Spire Energy. If you procure natural gas products from the Spire Energy you will be required to make payments. The web portal created by the Spire Energy allows you to pay bills in a snap. Read on to find a guide to the Spire Energy Online Bill Payment.

What is the Spire Energy Online Bill Pay

The Spire Energy Online Bill Pay is one of the services the natural gas company offers to its customers. The natural gas provider offers a user-friendly platform which is high functional and easy to use. You can access the web portal of Spire Energy to pay bills, get payment assistance, view rates and tariffs and explore products.

Online bill payment requires an active account at the Spire Energy. If you have an online account at the natural gas company you can sign into pay bills, set up auto pay, view usage, view service orders, view payments history and more.

What do I need to Pay Bills Online

Internet Connection- To pay bills online you need to have a working internet.

Electronic Device- The user will be required to have an electronic device. You may use a smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop.

Private Device- If you use a private device to sign in you can save passwords and browse privately.

How to Pay Spire Energy Bills Online

  • If you wish to pay your bills online you need to open the payment page of Spire Energy. www.spireenergy.com/pay-my-bill
  • Once the webpage opens there is the section at the centre that reads ‘Pay my bill in’.

  • Enter your location manually or you can also turn on location of your device.
  • Now you will find a ‘Pay Online’ section which has the following tabs ‘Not yet registered with Spire’, ‘Already Registered’ and ‘Pay as a Guest’.
  • Choose the option that applies to you to begin.

Pay by Logging in

  • If you have an active account you need to choose the options that reads ‘Sign In’ or ‘Already registered with Spire’.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button below and there is the sign in section at the right.

  • Enter the username and password in the white spaces and click on the ‘Sign In’ button below.

Not yet registered with Spire

  • If you have not yet registered for an account click on the ‘Register my Account’ link.
  • For registration enter the account number.
  • Next you will be asked to enter personal information.
  • Set up sign in credentials and you can sign in.

Pay as a Guest

  • You can also continue without logging in. Click on the ‘Pay as a guest’ option which is the third and the last option on the screen.
  • Next a website labelled ‘One Time Payment’ opens.
  • Enter the account number, billing zip code and validation code in the white spaces and click ‘Next’.

Pay through Phone

You can also pay your bills using the telephone lines. Call on 800-887-4173 and enter the asked account information.

Pay by Mail

Send your payment check to the address below:

Drawer 2
St. Louis, MO 63171

Pay in Person

The user can find an agent and pay in person. In order to find an agent you need to visit the find agent page using this URL. www.spireenergy.com/find-payment-agent


We hope you find the guide above functional in making a payment. Well, this was all we could offer on the Spire Energy Online Bill Pay.