www.talktosonnys.com - ​Sonny’s BBQ Guest Satisfaction Survey


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www.talktosonnys.com - ​Sonny’s BBQ Guest Satisfaction Survey


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Sonny’s BBQ Guest Satisfaction Survey

Have you recently enjoyed some tasty barbeque at Sonny’s BBQ location? Did you save the receipt of that visit? If yes, take Sonny’s BBQ Customer Satisfaction Survey sharing your experience of that visit and get a discount on your next meal to the restaurant.

All the participants in the survey are requested to give their honest feedback and genuine opinion about the food and the service you received at the restaurant. Because the company will use your given information to measure their performance and provide you with an exceptional experience every time you visit at Sonny’s.

Requirements to qualify for the survey

The survey entrants need to fulfill some certain conditions such as:

  • They must visit a Sonny’s location recently.
  • They must have the survey invitation or the recent receipt of that visit.
  • They should be of the appropriate age of taking the survey.

How to complete the survey

If you have all the eligibility mentioned above, keep the receipt handy and follow the instructions listed below to complete the survey before timing out.

  • If your survey code has 16-digit, click the link provided on the page.
  • Click the next arrow to continue.
  • Answer the questions based on your experience.
  • Provide your personal and contact details
  • Complete the survey and submit.
  • After that, you will receive a validation code.
  • Write the code on your original Sonny’s receipt.

Take the coded receipt with you on your next visit to Sonny’s BBQ, redeem the offer, and enjoy the discount!